Modibodi: Comfort is Power

The Brief ProblemWhilst Modibodi did period underwear first and did it well, it’s famous for little else. As the category matured, there was nothing preventing Modibodi becoming one of many brands in a women’s period repertoire. And only being known for period underwear is limiting for a business with ambitions to become an iconic brand that… Continue reading Modibodi: Comfort is Power

Puma x Modibodi

It’s a numbers game. Sport is all about numbers. Goals kicked. Games won. Records beaten. ​ And when it comes to the coverage and celebration of sport, these are the numbers that take centre stage. ​ But there’s another series of numbers that are less well-known: the number of girls leaving sport on a daily basis because of embarrassment, shame and fear of their periods.… Continue reading Puma x Modibodi

Life Laid Back

Welcome home Home should be an escape from the noise. A place where we have space. To think and to live. A space that caters for the laughs and the cries. And everything in between. A space where we’re comfortable… and comfortably our sometimes, very weird selves. At Koala we believe that furniture built for… Continue reading Life Laid Back

Just Do You

Campaign Insight:For many years, we’ve been told that our true potential and ultimate happiness can only be found on the other side of adversity, in a place that is far from comfortable. We’re constantly being told to be more, say more and not just step outside our comfort zone but completely relocate and get a… Continue reading Just Do You


The Incomparables When you’re a rising star in the men’s game, they’ll call you the next Johnathan Thurston or the next Joey Johns. Because up and comers show traits that are the same as some of the greats that have gone before them. But being the last bastion of male sport, these girls didn’t have… Continue reading NRLW