Additional Work


A page dedicated to the list of ideas that didn’t see the light of day, as well as some of the smaller pieces of work from my time.

The Telegraph: Geotelegraph

Awarded a D&AD Wood Pencil in 2017.

GeoTelegraph aims to help young adults find news that’s important to them while maintaining a balance of credibility, ease of use, and relevance to their lives. Using discussion and collaboration as its main principles, GeoTelegraph aims to provide users with real-time news through a live map of their area.

Users can create their own stories or contribute comments, pictures, and videos to stories that are relevant to them by seeing what’s hot on the map or checking out what’s trending in the InfoHub.

Gruen Transfer

A fun project with Youngbloods NSW to highlight the dangers of sharing everything on social media.

Directed by Julian Tuna.

Koala: Buy Furniture Worth Keeping

At Koala, we don’t believe in fast furniture. We believe in creating quality furniture that’ll last you a lifetime and can stick with you through all of life’s stages.

So with 48,000 tonnes of furniture being dumped kerbside each year in Greater Sydney alone, we’re asking Aussies to get their hands on furniture that’s actually worth keeping.

AdNews | B&T | Mumbrella | The Stable

Chief Marketing & Technology Officer: Peter Sloterdyk 
VP Marketing: Leanne Glamuzina
VP of Global Creative and Strategy: Bradley Firth
Director: Drew Dunbar
Creative Directors: Marina Vasilieva & Taylor Thornton
Director of Project Management: Kathy Ngo
Senior Copywriter: Matt Koo
Senior Art Director: Elana Robson
Senior Project Manager: Emma Power
Social Content Director: Kirsten Armour
Media Director: Sally Phelps
Media Manager: Michaella Naicker
Performance Marketing Managers: Valerie Duong & Lulu Wang

Oxfam: True Water

There is a misperception that because it’s just 32 cents for a bottle of water in places like Nigeria, that water is affordable and accessible to everyone. It’s only when we take into consideration the average monthly wage of a country that we understand how much water can really cost.

True Water puts the true cost of water into the hands of consumers by displaying the dollar amount that water costs around the world.

For example, Nigeria’s cost of water sits at $6.70 AUD. By buying a bottle from the country you choose, you’re paying your price ($2.50) and the remainder is given to water based charities and initiatives supporting that country.


Cardiovascular disease is the major cause of premature death experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians, who are 10.5 times more likely to die from coronary heart disease than any other community in the world.

We’ve identified that those in remote communities actually don’t hold onto their phones and SIM cards, instead opting to dispose of their pre-paid SIMs and devices (burner phones) once the mobile data on them has expired or run out.

Those living in ATSI communities can provide us with their heart health data in exchange for mobile data, keeping them connected despite being in some of the most remote communities in the world, all while helping The Heart Foundation gather data on where to deploy their heart health clinics next.

Snapchat: Redefining Australia’s Language

In a country where one word has a hundred meanings, it’s easy to find ourselves on very different pages, all while we’re technically using the same words.

The Snapchat Visual Dictionary is a tool to celebrate and preserve our ever-changing vocabulary, by putting Australia’s unique language on the map.

The dictionary operates through user-sourced definitions through the app, where users can help us define what particular words and terms mean in their own cities and towns through the use of words and corresponding visuals.

Check out the creative deck below.

Creative co-partner: Hayden Wright

Fred Hollows Foundation: Destination Description

Destination Description is a travel magazine with no travel photography.

We take our sight for granted, especially when travelling to some of the most picturesque places in the world. But what about those living there who can’t see the own beauty that’s on their very own doorstep?

Instead of hiring photographers to fill its pages, we’ve worked with blind people living in tourist destinations where cataracts and other eye issues are prevalent in local communities to describe what they think their own beautiful country looks like.

The magazine will be distributed across airlines flying to select destinations in order to directly target individuals who are making their way to the most affected places in the world.

With your help, their words can become their vision, so they too can experience the beauty of their own country as much as you can when you visit.

Co-creative partner: Sarah Muscat

Kirin Beer

With a goal to re-position Kirin as a beer for those looking for something a little more refined, this campaign uses cues from fashion photography and brings them into the beer space to create a refreshed aesthetic for the brand.

Using a pared-back and minimalist approach to the set, the typography, and the talent, we’ve adapted some traditional visual traits from Japanese design principles to present Kirin’s look as a breath of fresh air in the otherwise blokey and busy beer advertising space.

Executive Creative Director: Seamus Higgins
Photographer: Simon Harsent, POOL Collective

Synergy Branding

A fresh take on Synergy’s OOH and press branding using minimalist shapes and vibrant colours, transforming what could otherwise be utilitarian topics into something fun.

Agency: Meerkats

Finish Dishwashing Tablets: Dishes of Drought

Those of us who live in central cities around Australia rarely see or feel the true impact that a drought is having on regional areas. To help Aussies see why saving water is so important, we’ll bring the impact of drought into their very homes.

To raise awareness for the global water crisis we’re going to create dishes from the dirt of drought-ridden areas around the world, transforming them into beautiful clay crockery and selling them in high end stores.

Artists from each of the drought-stricken regions will create renditions formed from their harrowing experiences. Balanced with a sobering message about the drought’s impact and our initiative, the dish serves as a constant reminder of the consequences of pre-rinsing your plates.

100% of the proceeds will be funnelled back to water-based initiatives around Australia.

Creative partner: Taylor Thornton

The Community Card

With restrictions easing, there are more opportunities now than ever for Aussies to support homegrown businesses and reinvigorate the local community. Introducing the Community Card: a loyalty card which encourages Aussies to shop at their local bars, boutiques, cafes, restaurants, and more.

The premise is simple – buy from a participating business in your area, and get a stamp on your card. As soon as you rack up nine stamps, you’ll get a discount at the participating businesses. With an online directory, people can see which businesses near them are a part of the Community, and what discounts are on offer that day.

World Water Day

2019 was characterised by some of the most severe drought conditions in Australia’s history and the Bushfire Crisis that shortly followed needs no introduction.  

Despite the consequences of climate change, Australia, the driest inhabited continent on Earth, continues with the ongoing destruction of their most important river system: The Murray Darling.

Many in the city only see the river as a regional issue and don’t realise the problems will eventually trickle down to them. To help all Australians (and the world) understand the crisis our natural environment is facing, we connected them to a live stream, of a stream.

In partnership with the UN, The Live Stream launched on World Water Day in March 2020, broadcasting slow TV-style footage of Australia’s most endangered stream: The Murray Darling, 24 hours a day, 7 days week.

Viewers are not only encouraged to enjoy the calming benefits of the stream, they’re also urged to fund the restoration of the Murray by donating via PayPal. Real time scientific updates and data will track its health, predicting the estimated lifespan of the river system.

The Live Stream will become a symbol and reminder of an ongoing initiative to keep our nation’s most important river alive.

Creative partner: Taylor Thornton

The Cinema Sacrifice

We’ve all been in that situation where we go to the movies, shell out way too much for a seat in front of annoying teenagers and a bucket of shitty popcorn, all in the hopes of getting something great for it. We’ve not only settled for a dud, we’ve paid through the teeth with our time and money as well.

With MUBI, you get more quality/culture/experience/excitement for less.

The Cinema Sacrifice – a ticket booth where movie goers can swap their blockbuster ticket for a free 3 month subscription to MUBI, trading in the possibility of a dud for the guarantee of great cinema that’s tailored to you each month.

Personal Branding

Press collateral for my personal brand, Death to Bad Ads.

The branding is rooted in me being able to see the ideas that others may not, so the work uses decoder artwork techniques to reveal new images and copy throughout the print collateral when you put the glasses on, so you too can see things from my perspective.


A suite of social assets to promote McDonald’s Loose Change menu, all in their own special small way. Using miniature figurines, we created a range of playful scenarios showing everything from how they’re made all the way through how they’re best enjoyed.

Agency: VML