Siberian-born and Australian-raised creative director based in Sydney.

Contrary to the pic on the left, I actually own a cat. When I’m not working, I can usually be found dragging my partner out for a sunrise walk on the weekend, foodie road trips (I will drive three hours for a burger), experimenting and playing with editorial makeup styles, and landscape photography.

As a leader, fostering a culture of growth, diversity of thought, and empathy while carving out space for my team to do the best work of their career is what I strive towards each day. As a creative, it’s very much so all about finding the sweet spot between creativity, technology, and purpose in my work while moving the needle from a business perspective.

Throughout my time in the industry I’ve worked on accounts such as the United Nations, Mastercard, Coca Cola, XBox, Microsoft, Nivea, Hyundai, Revlon, McDonald’s, Holden, Pizza Hut, Kirin, DFR, Sydney Water, The Heart Foundation, and Reckitt Benckiser.

I’ve cut my teeth brand-side at Koala as their Global Creative Director, and you’ll now find me heading up and bolstering the creative department at Modibodi.

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