Life Laid Back

Welcome home

Home should be an escape from the noise. A place where we have space. To think and to live. A space that caters for the laughs and the cries. And everything in between. A space where we’re comfortable… and comfortably our sometimes, very weird selves.

At Koala we believe that furniture built for you makes all the difference. Our furniture is designed to make the most of this messy thing called life. We believe that every design creates a tiny bit more space for you. Physically and mentally.

And while you might not be able to tell straight away, amidst the chaos… We believe all those little moments of mental and physical space can add up to a life jammed full of some very well deserved “ahhhhs”… And ultimately, to a Life Laid Back.

Bringing comfort to the world

Life Laid Back is Koala’s latest global brand platform hitting the streets of Australia, Japan, and South Korea and running across OOH, press, and online platforms. Encouraging folks to kick back and enjoy the moment, we playfully acknowledge all of the unique roles that Koala furniture plays in people’s day-to-day lives.

Get comfortable

Within Life Laid Back, the purpose of photography is to capture pure, unrestrained comfort in the home. It should show viewers a slice of life, the treatment and styling being intimate, authentic, and imperfect.

This approach took the existing Koala photography, and shifted it to hone in on release and relaxation with our products at the heart of it all.

It was crucial we told viewers a story of them simply being in someone else’s space, witnessing them in the very moment of laid back living.

This new approach was a departure from the polished and primped photography we were all familiar with, and it invited mess, imperfection, and signs of life into everything we captured.

Whatever story our talent was living in that moment, photography was there to bring the viewer in and be a part of the journey.

VP Global Brand Strategy & Creative: Bradley Firth
Global Brand Strategy & Partnerships Lead: Kinga Papp
Creative Directors: Taylor Thornton & Marina Vasilieva
Integrated Producer: Nikki Jones