Koala Rebrand


While taking on a playful and mischievous personality helped put Koala on the map, we knew it was time for us to grow up and evolve into a homegrown brand that that was organic, sophisticated, and endearing.

Over the course of 14 months, Koala’s marketing, brand, and digital teams worked to bring a new brand to life. This digital transformation project spanned across touch-points such as web, digital, photography, film, branding, social, CRM, and more.

Helping people thrive has been our brand mission since day one. So even though we look a little different now, our goal to bring better furniture by Australia to the rest of the world isn’t going anywhere.

Special thanks to each and every Koala that worked on this project tirelessly since day one, as well as our production partners from Digitas and Photoplay who helped bring the vision to life.